What's different in Windows phone 8?

As a user we must know the difference of WP8 OS. What makes WP8 so different?
Lets have a look ...

1. Internet Explorer 10: Internet explorer 10 is faster and safer than ever. Also you can use it on both mode, desktop and mobile view. So its great to have this for internet browsing.

2. Office: Pre-installed Microsoft office and outlook. You get  full rights to edit all your office documents(word,excel and powerpoint). You can create new documents on word and excel but not on powerpoint. Powerpoint has only editing option. This is free for lifetime. So you don't have to worry for a licence latter.

3. Homescreen and Personalization: Its really a brilliant Home Screen where you can put anything you want.   You can put any application from menu to home screen. you can put a particular contact number or number of contacts or a contact group which you use frequently. So that each time you call or text, you don't have to go to the contact list and search for the number. 

You can put notes, pictures, videos, songs, documents or anything you want on home screen. There are three size of tiles like small, medium and large. You can make all tiles small or medium size but only few apps like contact, callender, phone, message, photos, mails etc can be large tiles.The great fact about the home screen is you can put practically unlimited tiles on home screen. So no worries for what to put :)

4. XBOX Gaming: If you are fascinated for games then xbox games will mesmerize you. Really amazing interface in mobile device and the biggest thing is that it can connect you to play online games. You can create your avatar for live games. What else you want in a mobile device for gaming!!

5. Kid's Corner: Is there a kid in your home? if yes and you are worried to handover your phone to him because sometimes he may send message/mail or call your boss by mistake then kids corner is the solution. You can choose what you want to put on kids corner tiles. Photos, games, music, apps and limited stuff runs on kids corner. Now just run kids corner and handover your phone to your kid without any worry. 

6. People Hub: Bring all your contacts to one place. Your phone contacts, mail contacts and social network contacts all in one place. Its call people here in WP8. Once you configure your mail and social network it will import all contacts to people hub. You can filter contacts too. That means either you  select all contacts or only phone contacts or phone+mail or phone+social network contacts. Its easy and convenient.

 7. Applications: There are many Unique applications in windows phone app store. These apps make the phone unique and very helpful in daily life. Lets explore some exclusive apps on next pages. 

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